Does Eating Ice Cream Before You Sleep Turn Your Dreams into Nightmares?

My mother always told me not to eat ice cream before I go to bed because it would give me nightmares. Is that really true?

So many things are linked to bad dreams but eating ice cream before bed may not be one of them. Experts say that the cause of your nightmares may have something to do with what you eat before you go to sleep but that food is not the complete culprit. Experts say about 5 percent of the population have regular nightmares.

According, the causes of bad dreams could be having a natural negative attitude, the need to relieve the stress of everyday life, traumatic life experiences, being a sensitive & an emotional person, and illness.

We often remember nightmares quickly than a dream because of the frightening nature of the nightmare. Medication can tend take the nightmare up a level or two. In order to stop nightmares, don’t look at bad images from the news or watch scary movies before bed. Read a book or listen to some smooth music.

I can watch a scary movie before bed and not have nightmares. It’s different for every person, I guess. Don’t let the negativity in your mental state because that could help produce nightmares.

Hold Fast To Your Dreams…



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